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Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed

Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed

Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed. If there is enough interest we will host the seminar again in March 2013. To be added to the March 2013 list, send your name to me at Suggested Donation: $35 USD


Friday Fun Pt 2 Natural Remedies Alzheimers & Morning Sickness

This post is really a tribute to my mother who was into alternative health care, herbs and such, way back when it was just plain weird, and who, over the past 3 decades, has collected more books on the subject than she’ll ever read….

Now  before we get started, all the usual disclaimers apply here: First, I’m NOT a doctor or any kind of medical professional. Next, I DON’T diagnose or prescribe anything. But, I AM happy to share health information, such as I discover, on topics of interest to readers . Common sense and prayer always apply. 

If you have a chronic condition, or think you may, see your doctor! The following statements have not been approved by the FDA, but are made under the protection of  my 1st Amendment right.

Last summer, I was perusing her bookshelf and found, The How-To Herb Book This book comes from another time, I think. There are absolutely no illustrations, of any kind once you get past the cover, and I have to admit that page after page of black-and-white text coming at you can be daunting in this extremely visual age. Nevertheless, the determined reader will be well rewarded. And I was amazed to discover that despite being over 20 years old (publ 1991), it’s still in heavy enough demand today to be fairly pricey: a copy in good condition can easily command $30-$50 on Amazon.

How to Herb Book

Obviously, our copy is well worn, but still quite good, I think

All of that said, here are some interesting– and hopefully, helpful– things I read:

For Alzheimer’s Disease:

2 Cayenne capsules + 2 Gotu Kola capsules with each meal

Notes: 1) Helps, say the authors, by increasing circulation within the brain.

2) Cayenne powder is HUGELY renowned in alternative medicine as an excellent healer, but it is also EXTREMELY potent and may cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

3) If you’re currently using a blood thinner, MAKE SURE to talk with a doctor before taking cayenne , as cayenne may compound the effects!

4) I didn’t read this in How to Herb, but you may also wish to investigate the combination of phosphatydal serine + phosphatydal choline

For Morning Sickness:

B6 + zinc
NOTES: The authors actually  recommend starting with all B vitamins in complex first, and then taking individual Bs as as symptoms indicate, so B-complex + B6 + Zinc for morning sickness.

Questions About Herbs in General

“My (insert title) said I should take these. But, I haven’t noticed any difference. Why??? ” 

With most herbs, it takes about 90 days, or 3 months, of continuous usage to notice significant change. Hang in there or change your routine based on advice you trust. Again, even in the realm of alternative health, you need to seek out quality advice BEFORE you take anything.

“My (insert title) said I should take these. But, I feel worse than I did before.”

This happens more often than people think. Assuming you got advice from a quality health professional in the beginning, and there are no interactions, your body maybe ridding itself of  built up toxins. I have good news for you: this cleansing you’re going through is often the first stage of the healing process.

Friday Fun: Natural Help For Uterine Fibroids

I’ve been woefully behind in my crafting (and for that I apologize), but I have come acroscience experimentss something really interesting in that past couple of weeks. Let me begin by saying this week’s blog is NOT for kids, but may be a lifesaver for moms

I’m in my late 30s and while my perriods always been heavy in recent years they’ve become almost unbearaable. I’ve gone from bleeding 5 days to 7, and in the middle of the week is usually horrific. Mid-week means super absorbancy tampons are flooded in minutes, bedding is spoiled ect.

I finally had a sit-down chat with my mother who of course pointed me to a obgyn and told me me my symptoms sounded like a fibroid tumor.

Not music to my ears since most the women in my family had had hysterectoomies by the time they were my age.  I would like to add to my family, so losing my uterus is not an option. But neither was hemmoraging.

In despiration, I searched an alternative health site I’ve been using lately. What I found sounded more like a Science experiment: 2tsp baking soda + 2tsp raw ACV. After the fizzing is done,  mix with enough water to make the taste bearable. (Believe me, nothing will make this taste good!) But with the horrors on mid-week fast approaching,  I would have done almost anything.

My result: still heavy bleeding,so a super plus tampon is still necessary,  but NO soiled sheets or undeergarmets. NOT COMPLETE RELIEF, BUT NOTICABLE & ENCOURAGING IMPROVEMENT!

When I read through the site further, I discovered this is a basic alkalizing  remedy that should be repeated twice daily (I only drank it once) every day of the period, within 30 minutes after a meal.  Some of the women posting used this remedy in conjunction with blackstrap molasses. I did not.

God Bless,


Friday Fun: Natural Remedies for Physical Disabilities

Hi, everyone!
I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This week I’m not giving a recipe for something to eat. This week I’m offering recipes for healing. Information I discovered while trying to help my family’s own health needs.

Let the reader beware: I am NOT a health practitioner of any kind, and I have no medical training of any kind. I offer the following purely for informaion to those who may be helped. In doing so, I am NOT attempting to diagnose or treat  any health condition! No endorsement or affiliation is implied. As with many alternative medicines, most of the information you’ll encounter on the websites listed has NOT been approved by the FDA. Please use prayer and good judgement as you read.

If you or a loved one has:

Down’s syndrome
Interesting if you Google:
“DSMO and Down’s Syndrome”
“Amino Acid Therapy and Down’s Syndrome”

Muscular Dystrophy
Interesting if you Google:
“Vitamin E and Muscular Dystrophy”

Cerebral Palsy

05/16/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: “There may be a possible cure for Cerebral Palsy,but this is based on another disease, MND (motor neuron disease) however the symptoms are about the same. In Cerebral Palsy, the mother gets infected and the disease goes to the placenta, however the only thing that will get through the placenta barriers is two things: the nanobacteria and viruses. When a fetus get infected, the viruses make the home in the brain, which is why you have this cerebral palsy. In fact they actually are active but it bypasses the immune system. In MND, you get infections from food or environment which enters various places. The ones I found it enters the stomach area and goes through the spinal cord, another area it goes through the nasal passages. In any case I found the cure for at least 2 cases like that with the antiviral remedy. The remedy I used (I was in a hurry) since the child was already unresponsive and advance condition of MND I had to get a lot of antivirals. The symptoms actually improve after one week and the child was responsive and be able so sit by herself. Enough about me, here it is the antiviral and antibacteria remedy for both MND and Cerebral Palsy:

1. BHT
2. N Acetyl Cysteine
3. Colostrum
4. L Threonine
5. Vitamin C
6. Curcumin
7. Lysine
8. Andrographis Paniculata
9. Tryptophan
10. Beta Glucan
11. Centella asiatica

That is the main remedy for both MND, ALS, and Cerebral palsy. As to the dose the most important is Lysine and Threonine (for a child dose) 1/4 teaspoons of Lysine, with 1/8 teaspoon of threonine, Beta Glucan 1/8, N acetyl cysteine 1/8 and vitamin C 1/8 every 1 hour for 4 hours twice a day for at least 3 days. If it is too sour you can add baking soda to it. The tryptophan is taken only twice a day. The colostrum is taken 3 times a day but at only 1/2 teaspoon away from the rest. Andrographis paniculata is taken in capsule form because they are too bitter and is taken 3 times a day, curcumin 3 times a day, and so is centella asiatica.

BHT is taken twice a day at 1/8 teaspoon. This should take care of MND, ALS and Cerebral Palsy in general. I know there are more things but that is the remedy I give.


See full comments at
Interesting if you Google:
“Lysine and Cerebral Palsy”


In general, one of the most comprehenive natural heath sites I’ve seen lately is It’s ailments section lists folk remedies for everything from sore throat to brain tumor, though not everything is presented from a Christian Perspective. is less comprehensive, but goes in-depth on what it covers, and does seem to be from a Christian worldview.

Our regular recipe and craft Friday Fun reappear next week, Lord willing!