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Friday Fun Pt 2: Keep Leftover Cake from Drying Out!

Here goes the tragic tale of most happy birthday cake:

carrot cake

Image Courtesy Photobucket

DAY of PARTY = absolutely delicious, of course. BRAVO, Mom!

But there are leftovers, so  cover with Saran Wrap = smudgy frosting

DAY THREE= start hacking away hard, crumbly edges nobody wants…

If you get to DAY FOUR,  it  = slide once charming, now rock hard cake into trash can (hope kiddos don’t see, while regretting you didn’t get to it a day earlier. )



Cut leftover cake into pieces; wrap individually in foil and then place each slice in a ziploc bag to freeze.

Now the CLEVER PART… To keep cake from drying out: cover nonfrosted portions with sliced bread and fasten with toothpicks. Then seal in a plastic container.

(I saw this tip over at the