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Friday Fun Part 1: FREE Audio Books

Peter Pan

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The new fall semester is here and Literature is coming. That ususally means two things: a trip to the library or buying Dover thrift editions galore. Both of those options fit nicely into our budget (Dovers are only a buck or two each and libraries are free.)

From Paperback to MP3

But this week I had a light bulb moment–funny, how the simplest things trigger those–Mine said,audiobooks We’re not an extremely gadgety household. No ipods; no kindles (Though, I want one.) The kids do have their mp3 players and we have several laptops. That’s when it hit me: see what’s on the computer. Tunes and videoes aren’t the only things that can go viral.

As it turns out, classic literature adapts wonderfully to the online world. And as an added plus, I’ve found 2 sites where it’s absolutely free:

But WHY do I want to do this???

Well, I was an English major and I adore my classic lit, but I have to admit something about the sound makes this a totally new aadventure, totally envelopes me and takes me on the journey, something about the sound makes reading less solitary, and turning pages less of a chore. Even as an adult, I can tell you that mundane internet searching this week has been delightful as I listen to JM Berrie’s <em>Peter Pan</em> Try the audiobook approach with any student who reads well but who would be off-put  by the notion of classic literature.

God Bless 😀


Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed

Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed

Registration for Nutritional Strategies for Autism is Now Closed. If there is enough interest we will host the seminar again in March 2013. To be added to the March 2013 list, send your name to me at Suggested Donation: $35 USD

Job Opportuninty: Tree of Life Seeks Fall Sponsorship Coordinator


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Earn an Extra $500 for Christmas

You could do just that if you join Tree of Life’s team as our Fall Sponsorship Coordinator

Roles & Goals of the Fall Sponsorship Coordinator:

At Tree of Life most of our programming and activities are free to families and that’s the way we want it! But in order to do what we do, we rely on corporate sponsorship from pro-family organizations as well as donations from families. As our Fall Sponsorship Coordinator, your  chief tasks would be working to establish relationships with appropriate national, local & even virtual organizations and securing successful sponsorship of various events during the Fall 2012 quarter, including our “Visiting College Series” and “Shepherd’s Heart Scholarship Drive”.  Some cold calling may be necessary.

As such, the Fall Sponsorship Coordinator is:

  • an at-will, part-time, temporary position, requiring an commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week, for a minimum of 6 weeks

Ideal applicant will:

  • be social media fluent
  • demonstrate a key knowledge of our market + a high degree of integrity & credibility
  • have professional, courteous manner
  • have an extremely positive, outgoing attitude
  • enjoy engaging others
  • have a driver’s license & reliable transportation
  • prior sales experience is a plus, but is not required.

Responsible young adults and permanent part-time welcome


$8.25 an hour up to 10 hours per week, plus 10% of all earned sales up to $500.

To Apply:

Send your Cover Letter & Resume to:

Lorraine Cunningham
Tree of Life Learning
340 South McCarty Drive
Greenwood, IN 46142


Tree of Life Needs You to Tell Us Who Will Visit Indy

College Campus

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To tell us What Colleges You Would like to have Visit INDY this Fall

Our Visiting College Series happens every year in October at the Greenwood (Indiana) Library.
We ask admissions representatives from major colleges around our state and nation to meet with our homeschooling high school students and their families.

Last year we had Purdue University, Ball State University and IU all in to meet with homeschooling students. And this year University of Notre Dame has already expressed interest!

Who Would You Like to See?

Just email me at NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st 2012

How Much Does This Cost?

Tree of Life Learning always welcomes donations but our Visiting College Series is FREE to homeschooling students and their families.

What Should We Expect?

Well plenty of Q&A to start with. In past years, admissions representatives passed out actual applications they had rerceived and ask our students to form mock admissions committees and decide who would be admitted and who would not. I can tell you that seeking real applications was an eye-opening experience for students and parents alike.

Can’t We Just Send Away for all the Information We Need?

Yes, you can. But real-life andmissions counselors ALWAYS have more information to share than glossy brochures do.

Where is the Greenwood Public Library?

Greenwood Public Library
is located at 310 South Meridian Street
in Greenwood, Indiana
Google it or email me for directions.

Hope to See you there!

Tree of Life Proposes Lending Library for Christian Textbooks, Learning Materials

Tree of Life Learning to Begin Lending Library for Christian Textbooks & Learning Materials

Tree of Life has plans for a lending library. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, a limited number of  high school Math and Science textbooks and teacher’s manuals will be available for loan.Membership will be required to borrow materials. Items may be borrowed for a period of 9 weeks to 1 academic academic year (usually 36 weeks) depending on title availabilty and member needs.

Enrollment begins Monday 6/18/12 and continues through 7/31/12. 1st shipment of textbbooks will take place on 8/15/12, Lord willing. Membership is open to families worldwide.

During year 1, materials wil be available in English only, though we’re actively seeking to acquire materials in other languages.  For more information or to see a list of currently available titles, email Lorraine Cunningham at RE: lending library



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Friday Fun Pt 2: Keep Leftover Cake from Drying Out!

Here goes the tragic tale of most happy birthday cake:

carrot cake

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DAY of PARTY = absolutely delicious, of course. BRAVO, Mom!

But there are leftovers, so  cover with Saran Wrap = smudgy frosting

DAY THREE= start hacking away hard, crumbly edges nobody wants…

If you get to DAY FOUR,  it  = slide once charming, now rock hard cake into trash can (hope kiddos don’t see, while regretting you didn’t get to it a day earlier. )



Cut leftover cake into pieces; wrap individually in foil and then place each slice in a ziploc bag to freeze.

Now the CLEVER PART… To keep cake from drying out: cover nonfrosted portions with sliced bread and fasten with toothpicks. Then seal in a plastic container.

(I saw this tip over at the

Friday Fun Pt 1: Free App to KEEP AWAY Junk Mail

Bye, Bye Junk Mail!

While scouring the internet for fun and interesting projects to make Friday Fun this week, I came across a free (for now–but there are plans to change this, so HURRY) app from that lets you snap a picture of a piece of JUNK MAIL (ads) you no longer wish to receive in your US mail box, and quick as you can click, rid yourself of that clutter forever!



FULL DISCLOSURE: I have NO business relationship whatsoever with PaperKarma. Get the app if you want it. I won’t make a cent either way!