Tree of Life Learning

Striving for Academic Excellence Through Christ-Centered Education

About Tree of Life Learning

Picture of Lorraine CunninghamHello, this is Lorraine Cunningham and welcome to Tree of Life Learning!

  I  tutor from a Christian perspective in the  Indianapolis area.  My mission is simple: to glorify Christ as I work to provide top-notch academic programs that support family education and enrich both mind and spirit .

I’ve put together this site to showcase some of the best learning experiences available for young adults in the INDY metro area. But, please bear with me as it is a work in process. ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “About Tree of Life Learning

  1. Lorannie,
    Can you add me to you email list. I just signed us up for the Eng Day at IUPUI. I have a Freshman and would like to be kept up to date on any college you arrange for homeschoolers! 🙂 Thanks Tonya


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