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Job Opportunity: Seeking Sponsorship Associate Pt-Time

Job Opportunity

Lorraine Cunningham DBA Tree of Life Learing is seeking a paid, part-time Sponsorship Associate.


Sponsorship associates are responsible for securing paid advertising and sponsorship for Tree of Life educational activities and events, including the upcoming Homeschool Law Day.

Successful applicants: are honest, self motivated, and well organized. They enjoy talking with diverse groups of people. Stable transportation & scheduling flexibily required. (NO SUNDAYS OR LATE PM), Knowledge of South INDY area preferred.  Student applicants, moms welcome!

Hours: Avg 2-10 per wk, during event cycle

Compensation:$8.29 per hour + 15% of individual sales total

To Apply: Send resume and introduction letter in the form of a Word document to Lorraine Cunningham at RE: Sponsorship Associate. Resume MUST BE Received by March 1, 2012!!!


Friday Fun: Natural Help For Uterine Fibroids

I’ve been woefully behind in my crafting (and for that I apologize), but I have come acroscience experimentss something really interesting in that past couple of weeks. Let me begin by saying this week’s blog is NOT for kids, but may be a lifesaver for moms

I’m in my late 30s and while my perriods always been heavy in recent years they’ve become almost unbearaable. I’ve gone from bleeding 5 days to 7, and in the middle of the week is usually horrific. Mid-week means super absorbancy tampons are flooded in minutes, bedding is spoiled ect.

I finally had a sit-down chat with my mother who of course pointed me to a obgyn and told me me my symptoms sounded like a fibroid tumor.

Not music to my ears since most the women in my family had had hysterectoomies by the time they were my age.  I would like to add to my family, so losing my uterus is not an option. But neither was hemmoraging.

In despiration, I searched an alternative health site I’ve been using lately. What I found sounded more like a Science experiment: 2tsp baking soda + 2tsp raw ACV. After the fizzing is done,  mix with enough water to make the taste bearable. (Believe me, nothing will make this taste good!) But with the horrors on mid-week fast approaching,  I would have done almost anything.

My result: still heavy bleeding,so a super plus tampon is still necessary,  but NO soiled sheets or undeergarmets. NOT COMPLETE RELIEF, BUT NOTICABLE & ENCOURAGING IMPROVEMENT!

When I read through the site further, I discovered this is a basic alkalizing  remedy that should be repeated twice daily (I only drank it once) every day of the period, within 30 minutes after a meal.  Some of the women posting used this remedy in conjunction with blackstrap molasses. I did not.

God Bless,


Homeschool Law Day Coming 5/15/2012

Hi everyone,

SAVE THE DATE Tuesday, May 15, 2012: I am very pleased to announce(LW) the first ever Homeschool Law Day coming 5/15/2012!!!  I don’t have all the details yet, but  plan on a full day of law- career-related activities and a great opportunity for students ages 16+.  Complete agenda coming soon, LW!!


God bless,

Lorraine Cunningham

Tree of Life Learning

Friday Fun Prt 2: Caraway Kraut w/ Beef

Sour Kraut

Sour Kraut Image Courtesy of

The past couple of weeks have been nihl as far as recipes go, and I apologize for that. Let me break out of that slump with Easy Caraway Kraut with Beef.

1 lb Sour Kraut, either canned or frozen

(thaw 1st if baking in oven)
1+1/2 tsp Caraway seed
1 3-5 lb Rump Roast, brown 1st if desired
2 scallions (green onion), diced
2 med tomatoes quartered, or 2, 15 oz cans diced tomatoes
What You Do: You can make this in the oven. Toss everything in a roasting pan and bake at 350 for approximately, allowing 45 minutes of cooking time per lb of beef. But my favorite way is the crock pot. You place all the veggies– including Kraut– in the bottom of your Crock, set your Rump Rost in over top. Sprinkle in the Caraway seed.Toss to coat. And let cook for 8-10 hours on low heat. In other words, do this on a busy morning, and dinner will be waiting for you when you come home! 🙂


Friday Fun prt 1 Recycled Christmas Cards

Use Old Chrstmas Cards

Still have Christmas Cards hanging around?

If Christmas hasn’t quite come down at your house (like ours), and using file 13 seems like a tragic end to holiday well -wishes, here are some fun things to make with Christmas Cards:

1) Decoupage anything! sometimes the card faces have beautiful art on them, if that’s the case, clip off the top and break out the Modge Podge. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas project, either. Go for journal covers, magnets, mugs, toolboxes–even small furnishings. If you’re new to decoupage, what a cheap and painless way to hone your skill.

2) Homemade “Memory ” game.  Again,  snip the face of the card in half, being careful NOT to destroy the design. Cover pairs in clear contact paper, mount on cardboard or wooden tiles. (Also, works with family snapshots.) Magnets or coasters would be made the same way, using magnetic tape instead of cardboard.

3) Make boxes! Yes, make boxes out of Christmas Cards. Not to last forever, but perfectly sized to hold, say, a pair of earrings, find instrucions here.


4) Winter Garland: Christmas is over, but for an eclectic winter treat, fold and cut larger cards into sno flakes, string, punch a hole in the top antape instead of\ string with ric rac, rafia, yarn ect

5) Make a mobile to delight baby and others: place a cookie cutter over card design. Trace around the inside of the the cutter. Then cut along the outline. Sting above baby’s bed

6) Next years gift tags. Using a cookie cutter will make aninteresting shape, but all that’s necessary is to write,  “To” and “From”

7) Frame it: If it’s truly lovely artwork, buy an inexpensive frame and use it as part of your holiday decor.

8) Snowglobes: Laminate the image first. Hot glue its edge to the bottom of a mason jar lid, so that the image” stands”. Fill the jar with glitter and distilled water. Add a bead of hot glue or rubber cement around the lip of your jar. Screw the lid onto the jar over the hot glue. Wipe away excess glue. Stand your snowglobe on end and enjoy. No mason jar, use a pop bottle!

Seeking Skilled Tradesmen for Career Day


We’re seeking skilled tradesmen for our “Skilled Trades Career Day” coming in April. If you carry a union card for a particular trade, and would be willing to spend 1/2 day  with 7-12th grade home-educated students discussing entry into your trade and your daily routine, please email me @ ASAP.


Thank you,

Lorraine Cunningham

Tree of Life Learning